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Did You Know Caregiving Is A Full-time Job?

  • Informal caregiving for elderly family can take 40+ hours per week, especially when dealing with family who have one or more chronic illnesses.
  • The CDC estimates in 2009 that nearly 1 in 2 adults live with at least one chronic illness
  • A 1990s study found an average adult spends 17 years caring for their children and 18 or more years caring for their older parents. Today, as people age longer, caregiving responsibilities could extend a quarter century
  • At least one third of all adult children live at least 30 minutes away from their aging parents
  • US businesses report losing up to $34 Billion in productivity from absenteeism resulting from adult children taking time off or being distracted in taking care of their aging parents
  • The healthcare and social service industries catering to the elderly are more fragmented and complex than ever before

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